About Twin Pines Pet Services & Policies
I perform all training and most other services for Twin Pines Pet Services.  For non-training services, I occasionally partner with other businesses...with client consent. Services are available 8:00 AM - 8:30 PM every day. 

I strongly believe in only positive reinforcement interaction and training. I welcome work with most types of animals (including chickens!) and all dog breeds, including "bully breeds". I work with dogs who are reactive/aggressive with other dogs and fear-aggressive with people.

The following limitations apply to outside training (and dog walking) for the safety of your dog and myself. If rain is classified as "heavy", there's an electrical storm, or temperatures are in the mid 80s or above, I may reduce the appointment length or reschedule, and fees will be reduced accordingly. Even at 86 degrees, pavement temperatures can exceed 130 degrees. I don't want my client dogs to get burned foot pads or other heat-related problems.

Because illness or emergencies can occur, my business is partnered with that of four other pet care businesses. All three are seasoned professionals and share my commitment to pet care excellence. I will always notify and seek a client's approval before calling in assistance.

Client dog "Oscar" and Lisa on a training walk

About Lisa
My animal experience began "Day 1" of my life with my family's Beagles, all named for musical instruments. I grew up always having dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and more in our home and loved spending as much time with them (and horses) as possible.

After college (I hold a B.S. Degree in Business & History), I began a career as a technical and marketing writer; which spanned 10+ years and several prominent tech companies. I still love to write and remain open to interesting freelance opportunities (that don't conflict with my business!). After a shorter second career in HR and Administration, mostly for non-profits, I surrendered to my love of animals and began working for animal organizations.

I've been an employee of Pets in Need, San Francisco SPCA, and Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV). I've also volunteered for San Francisco SPCA and HSSV, and I currently volunteer for Peninsula Humane Society. My experience spans 10+ years and includes roles in animal care, adoptions, adoption programs management, and Board of Directors member. In addition, I'm pet first aid/CPR certified through PetTech until 2016.

I'm also a graduate of the Canine Behavior Academy and the Academy of Dog Behavior (advanced level). I was also a dog training assistant, and a trainer of dog socializer volunteers. I've attended many workshops, classes, and expos over the years to continue my animal education.

Twin Pines Pet Services Believes in "Giving Back"
Many non-profit organizations request gift certificate donations for fundraising. I try to accommodate these requests. Since 2011, I've donated gift certificates to NDNU High School, Humane Society Silicon Valley, and Immaculate Heart of Mary Church. I also make memorial donations to animal organizations when I hear that an animal client has "crossed the rainbow bridge".

I encourage you to consider "the adoption option" when looking for a new pet. There are a great many wonderful pets available at animal shelters and rescue groups awaiting loving homes. Please check out the following links: 
(this website includes listings of other Bay Area shelter and rescue groups; select "Other Services" then "Other Resources")
www.peninsulahumanesociety.org (our wonderful Peninsula humane society)
www.wagaroo.com (listings from people seeking to rehome their dog...and more)
www.muttville.org (a wonderful senior dog rescue!)