Welcome to Twin Pines Pet Services - Dog Training & more!               
My services include:

  • Vacation/drop-in visits for cats, dogs, rabbits, rodents, small birds, chickens, and more!
  • Dog walking: 10-15 min. potty breaks and 20-25 min. exercise walks.
  • Specialty services:  pet "coaching", pet "taxi", in-your-home cat nail trims, Juliana mini pig training, and more.

My service area includes:
  • Belmont
  • northwestern San Carlos
  • southwestern San Mateo
  • western Hillsborough.
  • training appointments are available in a larger area!

Twin Pines Pet Services is Unique

I grew up with animals, and they're truly my passion in life. What differentiates me, however, is:

  • 10+ years of animal shelter experience including animal care, adoption specialist, manager,
    and Board of Directors member.
  • I'm a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). Why that's important.
  • I'm pet first aid/CPR certified through PetTech.

For the past two years, I was a lead trainer at local training facilities (private training and classes, puppies and adults). Prior to that, I trained at humane societies and more.

I'm a graduate of the Canine Behavior Academy and the Academy of Dog Behavior (advanced level) and have attended numerous seminars with renowned behaviorists such as Trish King, Ian Dunbar, Sue Sternberg, and Pia Silvani.

You need to have rock solid trust in someone caring for your precious pets. I'm insured/bonded, licensed, and background checked, and this is my full-time profession. I have five-star reviews on Yelp.com and Patch.com. I'm also a Belmont home owner and resident since 1996.

Professional Pet Services Benefit You and Your Pet

Being a pet "parent" should be a joy, but it can be a challenge with our busy lives. My services can make life better and easier. I look forward to making a positive difference for you and your pets!

Lisa Warden, CPDT-KA
Owner, Twin Pines Pet Services
(650) 593-3269


Twin Pines Pet Services supports pet adoption! If you're looking for a new furry family member, please check out the organizations listed here: www.twinpinespets.com/2.html. Please adopt, don't shop!

Proud member of
Peninsula Professional Pet Sitters Network

An organization promoting excellence and continuing education for pet sitters. All member sitters are required to have liability insurance and to adhere to Pet Sitters International's Standards of Excellence".